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FSDIE, the Solidarity and Development Funds for Student Initiatives

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La Fanfar' A' On de Polytech Orléans, subventionée à plusieurs reprises par le FSDIE.

347 projects funded by the FSDIE between 2014 and 2018, including Polytech's Fanfar' A' On!


The sums collected under the CVEC allocated to the FSDIE are divided between:

  • the financing of student association projects (85%);

  • social aid for students in need (15%).

Grants for associative initiatives are allocated by a commission.


Any project initiated by a student association at the University of Orléans is acceptable except:

  • educational projects included in the training courses, whether or not leading to a mark (tutored project, PIC, internship...) ;

  • projects mainly intended for the internal promotion of a training course or a branch of the university (graduation ceremony, weekend or integration stays, galas, festive evenings...) ;

  • projects restricted to students in only one course (sports or cultural stays) or those presented by a representative student organisation but limited to internal use (conferences, training weekends...).

Any sexist, discriminatory or religious proselytism activity will result in the rejection of the file.

Associations wishing to submit a file to the project support commission must first sign the student association charter as well as having drawn up the report of a possible previous event financed by the FSDIE.

The next meeting of the FSDIE Commission will take place in early November 2019, on the La Source campus.

  • See the list of grants awarded under the FSDIE in 2018-2019 and in  2017-2018.
  • Additional information at the service de la Vie Associative et de la Citoyenneté Etudiante, located on the 1st floor of the Students' House (Maison de l’Étudiant) of Orléans, rue de Tours, 45067 Orléans Cedex 2. Contact: FSDIE Facebook page or or 02 38 49 48 11.