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Exchange Programmes

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International students, take a look at these steps to prepare your future student life

Whether you come to the UO within the Erasmus+ programme, as an exchange student outside Europe, in a Dual Degree or a specific programme you have to go through different steps:

1st step:

Check that your university has a partnership with the University of Orléans.

2nd step:

Get in touch with the International Office of your university, they will help you out with your mobility and will validate your enrollment within the exchange programme.
Please note that most of the time there is a selection process, that is why it is a good idea to start the procedure almost a year in advance. Check the "International student welcome guide" for information on life in Orléans.

3rd step:

Check our welcome guide for the necessary procedures before leaving your home university.

Find every step from enrollment to your arrival :

  • Online application portal, the portal is available again, you can apply for 2023/24 or 2024/25.

    The online Application form has been optimized to work with Google Chrome or Firefox. We cannot guarantee that it will function correctly with other browsers (do not use Internet Explorer, Edge or any Microsoft browser). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or any pdf reader to print the Application form. Adobe Acrobat Reader should be installed before beginning the Application process. Download Acrobat Reader. For the Application process, your browser must enable cookies and JavaScript. For security reasons, your log-in session will automatically be timed-out if you have not entered data during a long period.

4th step:

Every year, the whole International Relations team is on deck to welcome international exchange students.
From the moment you get here until you leave, we are here to make sure your stay in Orléans is as successful as possible.

  • Accommodation booking

As an exchange student, you can book a room in a hall of residence or in a host family through the International Central Office. Upon reception of all necessary documents, you receive a notification so that you are sure to get a roof over your head when you arrive.



  • Accommodation check-in and administrative enrollment

 The Welcome Center team and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) help you out to check you have all the necessary paperwork to enroll. We can also take you to your hall of residence.

  • Buddy system

The Erasmus Student Network Orléans Association offers a matching system allowing to meet a buddy suited to your personality! Hobbies, passions... Everything is taken into account for a perfect match! Register now on Buddy system by ESN!

  • Support for administrative procedures

We advise you on how to open a bank account, apply for the Student and Campus Life Contribution (CVEC), apply online for your  OFII immigration (Office Français pour l'Immigration et l'Intégration) for students outside the EU, subscribe for the Internet or for a mobile phone …

  • French courses

Do you want to improve your French language skills? Enroll in our Institut de Français (65€ per semester).

  • Induction week

Take part to the induction week organized by the International Relations Team : welcome cocktail, information meetings, visit of the Campus, visit of the City, student party, cultural activities... the 2023/2024 program will soon be available!

  • Happy Campus Day

To celebrate the new academic year, every year the university organizes an induction day around the "lac".

  • JANE (Welcome Day for New Students) / Night of the Students of the World

For every start of the academic year, the City of Orléans in partnership with the university and the CROUS (French regional center for Student Services) organizes a special evening (discover the city, pop-rock concert) for all new students in Orléans.

Do not hesitate to participate. More information to come

  • Activities for International Students throughout the year

Cultural activities (Loire Valley châteaux, cathedral of Chartres …), tasting of the French "galette des rois", various initiatives in the Colleges (international meals…) throughout the year!
Information :