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Finding Your Master's Degree

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"TrouverMonMaster" is a national portal for Master's degrees.

What kind of Master's degree should you look for after your Bachelor's degree?

This national portal offers:

  • Centralised access to the national catalogue of Master's degrees;
  • Research narrowed down by criteria;
  • A description for each degree;
  • A presentation of the access conditions for every degree (application schedule, recommended bachelor's degree, available places, teaching methods).

The "TrouverMonMaster" platform gathers all the national Master's degrees offered by higher education institutions in France.

Trouver mon master


More Information:

Procedures involving the education authorities are made through the official portal for Master's degrees (referral procedure).

For more information, see the website of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation and the website

The MESRI website