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Accessing Health Studies

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You are a high school student in final year and you want to study health? 


Etudes de santé

Students can access health studies through two paths in Orléans if they wish to join the “medicine, midwifery, odontology, pharmacy, physiotherapy” studies (MMOPK).

These two paths (PASS and L.AS) are offered to students who wish to access health studies in medicine, midwifery, odontology, pharmacy or physiotherapy for their 2nd or 3rd year of studies.


The Health Studies Access Pathway with Specialisation (PASS)


105 places are available divided in 7 PASS (15 places per PASS) in the Life Sciences / Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics / STAPS / Law / Economics-Management fields.

The PASS is a 1-year training course after high school graduation adapted to all students who are mainly interested in scientific disciplines and who have strong skills in these areas, but who are also able to appreciate and excel at disciplines from other fields such as literature or social sciences. 

The PASS revolves around a health major and a minor other than health (e.g. law, humanities, etc…).

It is organised in 2 semesters in one university year and allows students to obtain at least 60 ECTS credits.

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Repeating a year is not authorised in PASS, but if students validate their PASS year without obtaining the entrance exam in a health training course afterwards, they can pursue their training in 2nd year of L.AS bachelor’s degree in their minor discipline and try again to enter a health study course. 


Bachelor’s Degree Specialisation in Health (L.AS)

355 places are available in Orléans in 1st year of L.AS.

Bachelor’s degrees with a specialisation in health include:

  • Portal 16 – Life Sciences – Chemistry -  Specialisation in Health (160 places)
  • Portal 17 – Mathematics – Physics - Specialisation in Health (40 places)
  • Portal 18 – Mathematics – Computer Science - Specialisation in Health (20 places)
  • L.AS STAPS (30 places in Bourges and 60 places in Orléans)
  • L.AS Law in Bourges (25 places)
  • L.AS Economics and Management in Châteauroux (20 places)

The L.AS is a university training pathway revolving around a major other than health (e.g. economics, history, management, humanities, etc…) and a minor in health

It is organised in semesters and it recognises a certain level that is validated by the award of at least 180 ECTS credits. 

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Repeating a first year of L.AS is not authorised, but if students validate their year without passing the entrance exam in a health training course, they can pursue their training in 2nd year of L.AS bachelor’s degree in their major discipline and try again to enter a health study course.


The difference between L.AS bachelor’s degrees and PASS consists in in proportion between health courses and other disciplines which, for PASS is 2/3 health and 1/3 of other disciplines, whereas in L.AS this ratios is reversed for 1/3 health and 2/3 of other disciplines. The two paths allow students to pursue studies in the health field.

Applicants who wish to register in L.AS or in PASS at the beginning of the university year 2022 will have to make several applications on ParcourSup before 29 March 2022 at the latest. 

After the 1st year, students will be able to register in Orléans, according to their results and their choices, in medicine, physiotherapy, or in the bachelor’s degree corresponding to the other discipline they chose. For those who wish to pursue studies in pharmacy, midwifery or odontology, the next year will have to take place in Tours.