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Discover more on this platform for integration and switching training in Higher Education.


ParcourSup is the official platform that allows high school students to apply for Higher Education and students to switch to a different training course (see “Switching Training at the End of the Year” section).

The University of Orléans lets you register in “portals” that lead to various general bachelor’s degrees.


Bachelor’s degrees at the University of Orléans concern the following study fields:

  • Literature, Languages;
  • Law, Economics, Management;
  • Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • Sciences and Technology;
  • Sport Sciences (STAPS) on the Orléans and Bourges campuses;
  • Bachelor’s Degrees Specialisation in Health.

You can also apply to the various BUT offered by our 4 Institutes of Technology (IUT) in Orléans, Bourges, Chartres and Indre (Châteauroux-Issoudun). 

Our Engineering School, Polytech Orléans, lets you access an integrated course pathway after high school graduation.


Applications on ParcourSup (10 maximum) take place between January and March each year.

To know more about how ParcourSup works, check the useful documents below!


Here you will be able to download (in French):

  • The 2022 ParcourSup calendar;
  • The public reports of the 2021 session sorted by training course.