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ED 617 - Social Sciences: Territories, Economics, Law (SSTED)

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The "Social Sciences: Territories, Economics, Law" Doctoral School regroups all of the potential research training of the Universities of Tours and Orléans within the COMUE Val-de-Loire in the fields of law, economics, management, geography, sociology, demography, anthropology, development/urban planning, communication sciences, political science... It includes seven research teams: CEDETE, CITERES, CRJ Pothier, IRJI, LEO, PRIM, VALLOREM. Among the researchers and teachers-researchers of these teams, 150 are authorised to supervise research.

Head: Denis MARTOUZET (Tours) - Deputy Director: Béatrice BOULU-RESHEF (Orléans)

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The University of Orléans' five graduate schools are shared with the University of Tours and, in the relevant fields, with the INSA Centre-Val de Loire. They all fall under the Centre Val de Loire Doctoral College.
For additional information, visit the Centre Val de Loire Doctoral College website.