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Doctoral Contract and Additional Activities

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Contract doctoral students may carry out, in addition to their research activity, a complementary activity for a maximum of 64 hours of teaching distributed over the academic year.

Additional Activities for Doctoral Students Under Contract

This memorandum applies to all doctorate students who signed a doctoral contract with the University of Orléans, the CNRS, or another research organisation.

In accordance with the provisions of the Decree n°2009-464 of 23 April 2009, amended by the Decree n°2016-1173 of 29 August 2016 regarding doctoral students under contract with higher education or research institutions, a doctoral student under contract may engage in one or more additional activities other than research provided that said activities do not exceed one sixth of the annual working hours.

Additional Activity: Teaching

The teaching activity amounts to a maximum of 64 ETD (equivalent to tutorials) hours. It is therefore possible for a doctoral student under contract to teach between 1 and 64 ETD hours.

"The doctoral student under contract to whom a teaching task has been assigned is subject to the various obligations entailed by this activity. Among other things, the doctoral student takes part in assessments and examinations within his or her field of competence in proportion to his or her hours of service."

Other Additional Activities:

The other activities that may be carried on under the doctoral contract are:

  • Promoting research results;
  • Disseminating scientific and technical information;
  • Acting as an expert for a public or private company, an association, local or regional authorities, an administration, a public institution, or a foundation.

Just like teaching, the amount of time dedicated to said tasks cannot exceed one sixth of annual working hours and is capped at 32 days.

Combination of Additional Activities:

A doctoral student can carry on one of the aforementioned additional activities, whether only one or a combination thereof, provided that the combination of said activities does not exceed one sixth of annual working hours.

For instance, a doctoral student may teach for 32 ETD hours and spend 16 days as an expert.

Pay scale:

"The additional activities carried out within the framework of the contract lead to an additional annual remuneration calculated in proportion to the number of working hours or days."

To carry out an additional teaching task during the 2021-2022 academic year, the doctoral student is to contact his or her thesis supervisor (and if applicable the co-director) to discuss if the additional work load would be compatible with working on his or her thesis on one hand, and teaching opportunities in different departments and schools within our institution on the other hand.

The commission in charge of assigning teaching tasks will be meeting to review application forms according to the following schedule:

Commissions July September December
Sending application files 21 June 2022 15 July 2022 14 November 2022
Returning application files 4 July 2022 5 September 2022 12 December 2022
Attribution meeting 7 July 2022 9 September 2022 15 December 2022