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ED 549 - Santé, Sciences Biologiques et Chimie du Vivant (SSBCV) [Health, Biology, Biochemistry]

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The “Santé, Sciences Biologiques et Chimie du Vivant” Graduate School (ED SSBCV) is comprised of 13 UMR (joint research units) associated with major research entities (Inserm, CNRS, INRA), 2 research units (CNRS, INRA) and 9 EA (reception teams) from the Universities of Tours and Orléans. This group amounts to about 350 researchers or HDR teacher-researchers (authorised to supervise research) and about 280 doctorate students. This diversity in teams, all highly qualified experts in their respective fields, allows us to offer every year a vast number of thesis subjects related to matters of health, biology, and biochemistry.

Head: Thierry MOREAU (Tours), deputy director: Agnès DELMAS (Orléans)

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The University of Orléans' five graduate schools are shared with the University of Tours and, in the relevant fields, with the INSA Centre-Val de Loire. They all fall under the Collège Doctoral Centre Val de Loire [doctoral college].
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