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We Lab Cosmetic

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We Lab Cosmetic was created in November 2017 by the Cosmetosciences ARD and with the financial support of the Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council, with the will to offer a single place to turn an idea into reality through a first level of prototype in the very early stages of a project. 

It is a place of encounters for all the idea carriers and project leaders in the field of cosmetics (start-ups, independent workers, students, industries…) in a multidisciplinary academic environment. It helps to create synergies between students, researchers and industries, and to give access to a network of skills. 

We Lab Cosmetic is composed of 3 distinct laboratories: vegetal chemistry, biology/biochemistry and formulation, established on the Orléans campus, on the 2nd floor of the Physics and Chemistry building. It offers 3 lines of work: 

-    Schools-companies projects challenges: projects tutored or offered by manufacturers in the cosmetics sector who wish to carry out an R&D proof of concept. The aim is to develop the increase of skills among students, according to the constraints of the industry, and thus to facilitate their professional integration.

-    Welcome and support of student entrepreneurs or independent workers in the development of their proof of concept. By offering technical and human means, We Lab Cosmetic helps them to carry out a proof of concept on a cosmetic innovation, in an academic research environment.

-    Access and on-demand services for SMEs and VSBs in order to contribute to the economic development of the Centre-Val de Loire Region and to facilitate the access for VSBs and TPEs to technical means that will help them carry out a technical proof of concept; which they cannot offer themselves individually. 

For more information, do not hesitate to check the We Lab Cosmetic website.