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“Acting Together” Certification

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The University of Orléans, the Orléans Metropolis, the CROUS of Orléans-Tours, the Careers Campus Apprentice Training Centre (CFA), ISC Paris, Excelia and the Federation of student associations Ô’Campus have created a local Alliance at the service of ecological transition. Moved by the same determination to act in favour of sustainable campuses, these partners have chosen to build a programme of actions around the theme of waste reduction and valorisation.

The University of Orléans and the institutions of the Orléans Metropolis are awarded for their policy in terms of sustainable development by obtaining the “Acting Together” (“Agir Ensemble”) certification


The “Acting together for a sustainable campus in a sustainable city” certification

Managed by the University Cities Association (AVUF, Association des Villes Universitaires de France), the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, the CROUS and the MGEN, with the support of the Banque des territoires and the CASDEN, the “Acting Together” plan aims to promote local actions that contribute to the development of sustainable campuses within sustainable territories.

With the conviction that the responsibility for global warming and the depletion of natural resources is shared, Acting Together consists of creating and supporting territorial alliances that collectively elaborate and deploy an annual action plan to mobilize the students and staff members of higher education institutions.

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Obtaining this certification also allows us to make our campuses attractive places of well-being, contributing to health in the broadest sense.

We are joining a network of 23 other student cities.

Thanks to this certification, we:

  • Create and strengthen local alliances between local stakeholders around waste recycling and reduction, and we enable the creation of shared actions between stakeholders;
  • Give impulsion and visibility to the action of local stakeholders in terms of energy transition via experience sharing;
  • Promoting local co-constructed actions and innovative practices in terms of user mobilisation. 


Towards a 2nd edition

After obtaining the “Acting together for a sustainable campus” certification, the University of Orléans keeps working on the theme of sustainable development by capitalizing on actions already carried out and by integrating new partners into the programme.

For this second edition, we are pleased to welcome 3 new institutions: the CESI, AgrosParisTech and the ESAD as well as a student association: Campus Ecolo.

Building on the collective dynamic initiated in 2022, the alliance now wishes to expand its action on two themes, soft mobility and digital pollution, while continuing its action on waste reduction.