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Recruitment Campaign without Competitive Exam

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Discover all our positions open for recruitment without a competitive exam.

Recruitment Campaign without Competitive Exam – 2022 session


Please refer to the recruitment notice

3 positions to be filled – not assigned 

Body BAP Job type Job description Jury decree Results
Research and Training Technical Assistant J Administrative Management Assistant Visualise Visualise List of eligible applicants Main list Reserve list

Future calendar:

  • Deadline for sending applications forms: must be postmarked on or before Friday 20 may 2022;
  • Date for the study of application forms: Tuesday 7 June 2022
  • Date for applicants’ interviews: Monday 27 June 2022 (summons will be addressed by post and by email) – 5 minutes of presentation + 15 minutes of discussion
  • Date for the assumption of duties: 1 September 2022


To apply:

Applicants must constitute an application form including:

  • An application letter;
  • A detailed resume specifying the level of studies and, if so, the content and duration of the trainings followed and jobs held.


Application form to be sent by post only at the following address:

Université d’Orléans

D.R.H. – Pôle Développement des compétences et recrutement - Service Concours I.T.R.F.

Recrutement sans concours

Château de la Source

45067 ORLÉANS Cedex 2



Applicants’ selection process:

The President of the University created a commission in charge of studying applications. This commission is constituted of at least 3 members designated by the authority at the head of the institution, of which at least one member is external to the institution (member belonging to an administration or another public institution).

The selection commission studies each applicant’s form. At the end of the examination of the applications submitted before the above-mentioned deadline, the commission will proceed to the selection of the applicants and then to the interviews of the selected ones


Admission test procedure:

5 minutes of presentation + 15 minutes of discussion


For more information, applicants must contact the institution at the following address: