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IoT School, Diploma Certified by the University of Orléans

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Become an IoT (Internet of Things) solution architect, an operational expert understanding, designing, configuring and testing connected solutions to supply a market and meet user needs.

Following an intense seven-month course combining theoretical and practical training given by scientists and professional experts, you will master all of the cross-disciplinary skills required for a comprehensive understanding of the entire value chain of the Internet of Things (connected object network architecture, design and development of a connected device, data analysis and processing, industrial design, UX...).

You will then have a profile sought after by specialist companies in the field, with a master level diploma certified by the University of Orléans

Educational goals

IoT school

Acquire strong skills in:

  • innovative business model and design thinking
  • electronics and embedded systems
  • IT and networks
  • data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • industrial applications


Candidates can apply online before September, 1st 2024 through:


A complete curricula description of the IoT courses is available through the link:

Help needed?

If help is needed, a point of contact is available by: 

  • using the e-mail address: iot.polytech[at] (please, replace [at] by @)
  • using the contact form



English proficiency
  • TOEFL 550
  • TOEIC 785
  • IBT TOEFL 80
  • IELTS 6.5

French proficiency

  • Not required as French as a foreign language is taught to all non-French speaking students.

Tuition fees

  • 5 243 euros/year


IoT curriculum