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Foreign language teachers: Lecteurs and Maitres de langues

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Lecteurs and Maîtres de langues: available positions

Lecteurs and maître de langues recruitment campaign – 2019


The University of Orléans is looking to recruit foreign languages teachers:  2 lecteurs/lectrices (bachelor level degree) and 1 maître de langue (master level degree)


Position to be filled from 1 september 2019 to 31 August 2020


Campaign from Friday, 29 March 2019 to Friday, 26 April 2019

Required download:

Application forms must be submitted by e-mail by 26 April 2019  (strict deadline) at the following e-mail address: Please specify in the subject line: recrutement lecteurs/maitre de langue




Status of the lecteurs and maîtres de langues


Réf : Décret n°87-754 du 14 septembre 1987 relatif au recrutement de lecteurs de langue étrangère et de maîtres de langue étrangère dans les établissements publics d’enseignement supérieur relevant du ministre chargé de l’enseignement supérieur

Décret n°2013-310 du 11 avril 2013 relatif aux modalités de recrutement de certains personnels enseignants non titulaires des établissements d’enseignement supérieur


A – Recruitment

Public higher education institutions under the Minister of Higher Education can employ foreign language teachers (Lecteurs de Langue Étrangère and Maîtres de Langue Étrangère).


B – General conditions


• Applicants must apply for their native language or another language that they use at the same level as their native language.

• Applicants are required to hold and provide proof that they hold one of the following degrees or titles:

a) for the lecteur de langue étrangère (foreign language teacher) positions

A successfully completed year of study after obtaining a French or foreign title or degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree.

b) for the maître de langue étrangère (foreign language teachers) positions

A French or foreign title or degree equivalent to a master's degree.

• The term of office for candidates who apply as individuals is set to one year. The contract can, on an exceptional basis, be renewed once for the same duration. For applicants nominated by the authorities of their country of origin within the framework of a bilateral exchange programme based on reciprocity, the term of office, set during the recruitment, can be set to one, two, or three years. In this case, the contract can be renewed once for the same duration.


C- Service obligations

The Lecteurs de Langue Étrangère work with students for a duration of 300 hours of practical exercises per year. Their service can include 100 hours of tutorials.

The Maîtres de Langue Étrangère work with students for an annual duration of 288 hours of practical exercises or 192 h of tutorials or any equivalent combination. Their service can, on an exceptional basis, include classes if the office's needs justify it.


Pay scale

The Lecteurs de Langue Étrangère are compensated on the basis of the indice brut (gross index) 340.
the Maîtres de Langue Étrangère are compensated on the basis of the indice brut (gross index) 482.


For any additional information, the Service du Personnel Enseignant et Enseignant Chercheur (Teaching and Teachers-Researchers Staff Service) can be called at  (+33) or