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Contract Teachers

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Discover all the UO’s recruitment offers for contract teachers.

Recruitment campaign for contract teachers – university year 2023-2024

Campaign opened from Friday 26 May 2023 to Thursday 15 June 2023 (4pm)


Caution: All application forms submitted after the deadline will be refused.

Ref: Decree n°81-535 of 12 May 1981 on the recruitment of contract teachers

Decree n°86-83 of 17 January 1986 on the general provisions for contract workers of the State taken for the application of Article 7 of Law n°84-16 of 11 January 1984 on statutory provisions relating to the State civil service

Decree n°92-131 of 5 February 1992 on the recruitment of contract teachers in higher education institutions


Application forms must be sent via email at


Job profiles:

At IUT 28 :

At IUT 45 :


At the College of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences (UFR LLSH): 


Applications accepted until July 8, 4pm (only for the positions below):

At the College of Science and Technology (UFR ST):


For additional information, you can contact the Teachers and Teacher-researchers Staff Department at or