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ATHENA Research Book Vol.2

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The 2nd volume of the ARB has officially launched!

Couverture du ATHENA Research Book Volume 2

The second volume of the ATHENA Research Book (ARB) complements the first volume, published in November 2022, by putting more emphasis on the institutional aspects of research carried out by the members of the alliance and on their achievements through an annotated bibliography of their outstanding academic publications. This new volume also reflects the alliance’s performance in the form of short reports on work packages and on the lectures given within the ATHENA Colloquial Talks. A chapter with student contributions is again included, as in the first volume.

The ATHENA Research Book provides a platform that promotes joint and interdisciplinary research projects of both advanced and early-career researchers.

The contributions of three students from the University of Orleans were selected to be published in this new work. The Vice-Rector for Research, the Vice-Rector for ATHENA and the Vice-Rector for International Relations (Europe) also contributed to the writing and editing of this ARB

The ATHENA Research Book Volume 2 is available to download following this link.