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ATHENA – Shared Directory for Research Resources

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Discover the Shared Resources Directory.

The Roadmap for Research and Innovation (R&I) presents the research capabilities of ATHENA partners and demonstrates the possibilities for cooperation in the alliance. The R&I Roadmap enables the coordination of different research stakeholders toward achieving common goals and advancing scientific efforts.

For this purpose, a Shared Resources Directory (ShRD) was created. It presents an excerpt of research challenges and opportunities in the ATHENA alliance and further.

As a preliminary step for developing ATHENA Cooperation Model for R&D, the partnership identified common R&I fields and topics with the potential to achieve substantial progress through cooperation within the alliance.  The compendium of R&I fields enables the partnership to pinpoint cooperation opportunities, serving as focus areas for implementing support services within the Cooperation Model for R&D.


Do not hesitate to consult this Shared Resources Directory or to submit a form to find European partners. 


Click here to access the Shared Resources Directory. Only email addresses can access the ShRD. If you encounter difficulties, please contact