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Selection Criteria and Procedures

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Here you can find out the selection criteria and the access procedure to an Erasmus+ training or internship mobility.

Access procedures for Erasmus+ training mobility:

  • Submitting your application and being selected by the International Relations Office of your college;
  • The selection procedures and deadlines for applications are specific to each college. The promotion campaign takes place in October with the SMI (Week for International Mobility) and the selections in January during the year prior to your departure;
  • Having completed a 1st year of a bachelor’s degree at the moment of the departure;
  • Being registered at the University of Orléans;
  • No age or nationality requirements;
  • Studying in a University linked to the UO via an Erasmus+ bilateral agreement (list of agreements for each college available at the International Relations Department);
  • Mobility from 3 to 12 months per study cycle.


For more information:

  • Check the Colleges’ websites;
  • Contact your International Relations Office;
  • Check the list of partner universities.


 Access procedures for an Erasmus+ internship:

  • Being registered at the University of Orléans;
  • No age or nationality requirements;
  • Having signed an internship agreement;
  • Mobility from 2 to 12 months per study cycle.


Disabled students:

Disabled students must submit their application to their International Relations Office of their college. After the selection, they will be put in contact with the International Relations Department that will serve as an intermediary for their financial support by the Erasmus+ France Agency. A request for additional funds will be made individually.