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Advice for Succeeding in Your Studies

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On site and personal work: two pieces of advice that are easy to follow to stack all the odds in your favour!

In a few months, you will make your first steps at the university, a new place where you will have much to learn. You will discover courses in lecture halls, the need to work alone after class hours, to take notes, etc… The rhythm and working methods are quite different from the ones you are used to. All this implies that you will have to become more autonomous!

To prepare gradually, we offer you online support as well as advice on two main themes thanks to some tests and exercises. The exercise below was created by the UNISCIEL thematic university. Each student must register with their university email address to access the tests.

“On Site” Work

Working on site means working during class hours, tutorials or practical work with teachers: being dynamic and actively participating in these classes will be a key to your success.


“Personal” Work

Personal” work means:

  • Studying the courses;
  • Preparing tutorials and practical work sessions;
  • Reviewing the content of these sessions afterwards;
  • Searching for additional information in University Libraries and on the Internet;
  • Following tutoring sessions;
  • Working in groups with other students;
  • Asking questions to teachers in their offices, by email or on the CELENE platform.

However, above all, learning to learn is essential!

First, we offer you an online test to help you define your motivation for higher education and build your studies plan. It is important to think about the reasons that make you want to come to the University in order to stay motivated throughout the year. Without a clear goal, it is easier to become discouraged.
Second, we offer you various progressive sequences to learn how to work according to university standards.