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Your Digital Work Environment

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Thanks to the ENT (Digital Work Environment), you can access personalised resources and services after user authentication.  

Activate Your Digital Account with Your Multipurpose Card

Your username and your password are required to log in. You must activate your account as soon as you register for the first time at the University. 
With your multipurpose card, go to the ENT website, in the “Activate my account” section. 

A few minutes after the activation of your account, you will have access to all your tools from anywhere (on campus, at home, etc…) and at any time thanks to the secure university Wi-Fi.


What’s In the ENT?

  • A mailbox linked to your student address, which will be your reference address throughout your studies;
  • Your schedule;
  • An access to online resources (libraries, online courses on CELENE, UNT);
  • The news regarding your training course (changes in your schedule, teachers’ absences, cultural and scientific activities, etc…);
  • Your exam results and your administrative file;
  • Tools to help your search for internships/jobs and enter/print your internship agreements;
  • An access to the mailing lists to which you are subscribed;
  • A planning tool for meetings;
  • The ability to send large files… 


Wi-Fi: Access the Internet Wirelessly

To make your life easier, the University lets you access the Internet on the go on all campuses. With your computer equipped with a Wi-Fi card, log into EDUSPOT in the list of available networks. Then choose “University of Orléans” to be redirected towards an authentication page where you will have to enter your login details: your email address and a password that you chose when you activated your account.


Need Some Help?

A personalized help service is at your disposal. To use it, simply make a request in the Help tab, in the “Contact Us” section on your ENT or write directly at 

If you are a first year student and you could not follow the courses to discover the digital tools and services of the UO, or you are a new student and you arrived at the UO after the first year, or you are resuming your studies: a dedicated online course on CELENE is available to train at your own pace.