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Computer Security – Good Practices

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The growing use of digital tools on a daily basis exposes us to more and more cyberattacks. It is important to notice the risky situations to protect yourself efficiently. 

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Through concrete situations, this course gives you simple and quick solutions to protect yourself when you are surfing on the Internet. Some quizzes allow you to check what you already know on the subject.

    10 Good Practices to Ensure Your Digital Safety

    You can find all good practices on the official website

    1. Protect your accesses with strong passwords
    2. Save your data regularly
    3. Apply the security updates on all your devices (PC, tablets, smartphones…) as soon as they are available
    4. Use an antivirus software
    5. Download your apps only via official websites
    6. Beware of unexpected messages
    7. Verify the websites you use to make purchases
    8. Master your social networks
    9. Separate your personal and professional uses
    10. Avoid public or unknown Wi-Fi networks