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DiLL XP (Digital Learning Lab Educational eXperience)

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For its 4th edition, the DiLL becomes the DiLL XP!

The digital transition has been a reality in company life for over a decade, and it is a reality today in higher education. 

It can be a powerful factor in economic development, in building skills and in remedying educational failure, as we have seen in the context of the covid-19 crisis.

Thanks to its experience in the support for the digital transformation of organisms and in the implementation of innovative educational practices, the DiLL XP carried by the University of Orléans, the University of Tours and the INSA CVL aims to become a key player in the educational transformation of the institutions in the Centre Val de Loire region. 

Reinforced by the success of its 3 first editions, the DiLL becomes DiLL XP and wishes, thanks to the FEDER programme, to continue its action with local companies and organisms. However, it also aims to broaden its field of action by extending its innovative education and its support model for the public and the players in higher education, all the while maintaining its involvement within other organisms. 

The DiLL XP enables interdisciplinary work groups to gather around concrete projects. These groups are composed of students from various complementary training courses, supported by a teacher-researcher and/or a digital expert consultant. 

In concrete terms, the purpose is to make groups of DiLL XP students work on 2 types of projects:

  • Projects resting on issues related to the hybridisation of teaching, in collaboration with educational teams (teachers, teaching unit managers, heads of studies) and supported by an innovative educational model: remote tutored teaching units, interactive strength of face-to-face work, project pedagogy, involvement reinforcement through gamification…;
  • Projects on the digital transformation of companies, associations and local authorities (subjects related to e-commerce, connected objects, future industries, digital creativity and organisational impact, HR of digital transformation).

For 3 seasons, the DiLL has enabled to lead 91 business projects thanks to the work of more than 400 students of the INSA CVL, the University of Tours and Orléans, supervised by involved expert teachers and business mentors.


At the heart of the system: project-based work with multidisciplinary student-company teams

For 5 months (from mid-October to the end of March), project teams composed of students from all disciplines, of company CEOs and employees or of players in the socioeconomic world supervised by a teacher/digital professional two-person team, have been working together on an issue brought to light by the company or the institution that can be solved with digital tools. 

The DiLL XP is also an innovative challenge that awards the best projects with several prizes.


3 key moments of gatherings between students and companies, a collaborative platform and resources

The DiLL XP system is punctuated by 3 key moments to promote the gathering of students and companies: the DiLL Bootcamp, the DiLL day and the DiLL Fest.

The project teams make the most of these moments of gathering to carry out progress reviews and to benefit from the enlightenment of digital experts on themes related to digital transition. 

Apart from these 3 key moments, a dedicated collaborative platform helps teachers supervise the projects and guarantees their follow-up thanks to integrated communication and collaboration tools. 

In addition, participants have access to DiLL XP training units on various themes organised around digital and cross-disciplinary skills, as well as a large catalogue of online units offered by a service provider from the EdTech. 


The DiLL: a springboard for the new digital economy and new innovation practices

The DiLL project has a double aim:

  • Experimenting with new and innovative higher education curricula in order to better prepare students for the new digital economy and its challenges;
  • Favouring the implementation of new innovation practices (agility, user experience, effectuation) and the transition towards new economic models. 

For participant project carriers, the DiLL XP enables them to increase their digital skills, and to be supported in their digital transformation, which can be a factor of growth, of evolution of their practices and result in innovations. 

For students, it is the opportunity to collaborate with the members of a multidisciplinary team on operational projects and thus to take part in the world of entrepreneurship. 

Participation is supervised by an agreement of educational collaboration that is signed by each party: the University of Orléans, the company, the students and the teacher who tutors the project team. 

In this framework, a financial contribution will be required from participant companies: the projects cost is between 500 and 2000 euros according to their situation. 


Company, association, local authority, educational institution… Are you interested by the DiLL XP system? Do you have a project (or a project idea) to submit to our students? 

Answer the call for projects to be guided by the DiLL XP from October 2021 to March 2022!


This plan is co-financed by the European Union. Europe is involved the Centre-Val de Loire region with the European Regional Development Fund.


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