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Selective Power Cuts

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How to find out? How to react?

Within the framework of electrical shedding operations during the winter 2023, selective power cuts may happen over the next few months. 

Please be aware of the implementation procedures related to any selective power cut measures that may take place.


In case of a power cut at your place of instruction:

  • The institution will send you an email the day before after 5pm.
  • It will inform you precisely on the instructions and the conduct to follow. 

Caution: Access to the buildings will be prohibited for all publics and users. No physical presence allowed in the buildings. 


Selective power cuts might happen during the following hours:

  • 8:30 am/1 pm and 6 pm/8 pm.

Please stay tuned and check your emails regularly.

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With the Ecowatt platform, you can see the current situation in real time. (Available on the front page of the University’s website).