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Implementation Process at the UO

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HRS4R - Steering Committee

Roles of the committees

Steering Commitee

  • Check that the action plan is in line with its implementation
  • Decide on proposals for changes and developments in the action plan
  • Confirm deliverables
  • Provide strategic guidelines to the project team

Project Team

  • Centralise the work carried out and the action's deliverables
  • Organise compliance with deadlines
  • Prepare documents for the European Commission
  • Prepare milestones (steering committees, presentations to councils etc.)
  • Organise communication and diffusion of information to researchers

Leaders of actions

  • Organise actions’ implementation
  • Plan and monitor all tasks
  • Provide deliverables and information about progress to the project team


Composition of the Steering Committee

  • Rector
  • Vice-Rector of the Board
    Chair of the Academic Council
  • Vice-Rector for Research
  • Vice-Rector CFVU (Commission on Education and University Life)
  • Doctoral College Officer
  • Deputy Vice-Rector for "International Relations - Europe"
  • Scientific Integrity Officer
  • 4 Teachers Researchers, working group leaders during the gap analysis and action plan development phase
  • General Director of Services (DGS)
  • Deputy DSG for steering, quality and cross-functional tasks
  • Director of the Steering, Forecasting and Continuous Improvement Department (DPPA)
  • Steering and Quality Project Manager (DPPA)
  • Communications Director
  • Human Resources Director
  • Deputy Human Resources Director
  • Head of Skills Development and Recruitment
  • Director of the Research and Partnerships Department (DRP)
  • Project Engineering, Partnerships and Promotion Manager (DRP)


Link with researchers 

  • Annual progress reports submitted to the members of the university's bodies: Technical Committee, Research Commission and Supervisory Board
  • Tests with sampled laboratories on specific actions (e.g.: recruitment procedure)
  • Internal communication: Com’nous news, specific letter for researchers etc.
  • Survey sent to all researchers in July 2021 (another survey is planned for 2022)
  • A ‘Users Committee’ will be set up at the start of the 2022 academic year
  • Generic HRS4R address ► hrs4r(at)