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Le label HR Excellence in Research s’organise autour de 4 grands axes, répondant aux thématiques et aux exigences de la Charte européenne des chercheurs et du Code de conduite de recrutement des chercheurs, dont l’Université d’Orléans est signataire :

Main achievements so far

Ethics and openness to society

To support researchers in ensuring that all their principles and practices comply with the rules of professional conduct and ethics, while respecting intellectual property.

HRS4R - Ethics


Implementing recruitment procedures for permanent and contractual staff in accordance with the public regulation, which aim is to guarantee an open, transparent and merit-based recruitment process without any kind of discrimination and in accordance with the principles of gender equality.

HRS4R - Recruitment







Working conditions

Developing an ambitious policy covering the quality of life at work, be it for staff induction, risk prevention, careers support or dealing with complex individual situations.

HRS4R - Working conditions


Adopting an information and awareness-raising strategy about the right to lifelong learning, and setting up an individual and group response to staff training needs.

HSR4R - Training