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The University of Orléans benefits from the measures of the Government’s reflation plan.

Project n°1 | Insulation of the roofs of the College of Science and Technology’s 4 lecture halls and creation of an access for disabled persons

Objective: Finishing the complete insulation of the lecture halls block that was started within the framework of the 2015-2020 CPER. Treatment of the infiltrations, which are detrimental to the interior renovation already carried out. All the renovation work will participate to the energy improvement of the building and to the thermal comfort of users.

Finishing the access for disabled persons outside the building (interior access was treated during the 2015-2020 CPER). 

Amount of the operation: €500,000

Scheduled completion: Last quarter of 2021


Project n°2 | Demolition and reconstruction of the Orléans IUT’s administrative building

Objective: The project provides for the demolition of the current administrative building (Pailleron type and with asbestos), and the reconstruction of a building with NF HQE certification for tertiary sector buildings (Excellent level) obtained after the audit by Certivéa. 

Amount of the operation: €7,616,680

Scheduled completion: December 2023



  • See below the priority reforms for the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (document in French)