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Pay the Balance of the Training Levy

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Support our projects, we’re innovating for you!

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How to pay the balance of the training levy to the University of Orléans?

From 2030, the distribution process of the balance of the training levy evolves.
In accordance with the law for the Freedom to Choose a Professional Future of 5 September 2018.

  1. Log into SOLTéA with your Net-Entreprises login details. The platform will be accesible from 25 May to 7 September 2023. If you do not know your login details, contact your company's social declarations manager so that he can give you access.
  2. Find us easily on SOLTéA with:
    → our name: “Université d’Orléans” or one of our academic divisions
    → our SIRET number: 19450855200016
    → our UAI code: 0450 855K or the one of one of our academic divisions
  3. Indicate the percentage breakdown of your support (remember to convert the balance of your training levy into a percentage before logging on to the platform). You can choose to allocate it to the University of Orléans or to one or more of our academic divisions (Colleges, schools or institutes).
  4. Confirm your choice.
Logo SOLTéA, plateforme taxe d'apprentissage







 ► Access the University of Orléans' details on the  SOLTéA platform

► How to choose the academic divisions that will benefit from your payment? ◄

University of Orléans 0450 855K
College of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences (UFR LLSH) 0451019N
College of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences (UFR LLSH) - Châteauroux branch 0360768P
College of Science and Technology (UFR ST) 0451721B
College of Science and Technology (UFR ST) - Bourges branch 0180860M
College of Law, Economics, Management (UFR DEG) 0451022S
College of Law, Economics, Management (UFR DEG) - Bourges branch 0180887S
College of Law, Economics, Management (UFR DEG) - Châteauroux branch 0360803C
Bourges IUT 0180584M
Chartres IUT 0281056W
Indre IUT - Issoudun site 0360775X
Indre IUT - Châteauroux site 0360778A
Orléans IUT 0450092F
Polytech Orléans 0451638L
OSUC Observatory of Sciences of the Universe 0451688R
INSPE Centre Val de Loire 0451724E
INSPE CVL - Chartres Training Centre 0281052S
INSPE CVL - Châteauroux Training Centre 0360774W
INSPE CVL - Bourges Training Centre 0180859L
INSPE CVL - Tours Training Centre 0371454E
University School of Physiotherapy Centre-Val de Loire 0451358G


 Why pay the balance of the training levy to the University of Orléans?

In order to:

  • Participate to the quality of training courses in order to prepare best your future employees;
  • Help strengthen the cohesion and complementarity between the academic and the professional world to create and adjust training courses in relation with the skills needed;
  • Innovate to develop new talents, bring new answers to the current world challenges.


    The University’s Commitments

    ► Develop a high potential a high potential that is already present on your territory
    ► Strengthen its knowledge, research, international openness and its permanent links with companies.

    Paying the balance of the training levy to the University of Orléans means investing in the future of your company!

    Because your company's intangible capital is its primary asset, supporting the University of Orléans is a major step towards ensuring that you find the skills you need in your territory.

    Because the University answers the needs of the socio-economic world, it begins today a major turn, in particular with the creation of the future College of Medicine, the School of Physiotherapy, the new innovative trainings open in the Colleges, Schools, Institutes and IUTs. 

    Paying the balance of the training levy to the University of Orléans will allow it to:

    • Take up a crucial place in the development of young people, help develop the economic, cultural and social wealth of the territory, and contribute to the attraction of the Region both nationally and internationally.

    In a world in constant evolution, where 85% of jobs of 2030 do not exist yet, the University of Orléans’ mission is to train future employees who are able to adapt, take on responsibilities, and innovate to meet the economic challenges of today and tomorrow.
    Source > ©2017 Institute for the Future for Dell Technologies

    Schedule of the New SOLTéA Platform

    Authorisation of institutions (benefitting structures): before 31 December 2022
    Collect of funds by the URSSAF and the MSA via DSN: 5 or 15 May 2023 in accordance with the April 2023 DSN
    Access of institutions (benefitting structures) to SOLTéA: early May 2023
    Access of employers to SOLTéA: 25 May 2023
    Period for employers to target their payment: between 25 May and 5 October 2023

    The campaign schedule has been exceptionally extended to give employers more time to allocate their balance. Employers now have until 5 October 2023 included (instead of 5 September) to select the institutions they wish to support.

    Payments operated for benefitting institutions after the choice of employers: 15 July (1st payment due date), 15 October (2nd payment due date for the rest of the funds earmarked by employers between 25 May and 5 October)
    Payment of funds not targeted by employers: 15 November
    Source >


    Presentation of the SOLTéA Platform ◄

    SOLTéA is the platform for the distribution of the balance of the training levy based on principles of neutrality, transparency, security and ease. It is a service commissioned by the Ministries of Education and Higher Education. 

    The Deposits and Consignments Fund manages the distribution platform for the balance of the training levy: design, activity, maintenance, electronic processing and technical support. 



      We would like to thank all companies that have trusted us in 2022 and those that will do it in 2023!

      The University of Orléans is here to guide you through this procedure.

      If you have any questions, get in touch with your usual points of contact or contact us directly by email at or by phone at 02 38 41 72 80.


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