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Promoting Sustainable Transport

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The UO encourages sustainable transport to reduce the carbon footprint of staff and student movement by favouring the use of bikes, public transport, car sharing, walking...

Since 2019, the UO promotes biking through various actions:

  • Setting up secure bike shelters and bike racks;
  • Securing existing bike shelters;
  • Providing tools for bike owners and pumps isnide the secured shelters;
  • Lending more than 200 bikes to studnets through the "Campus by bike" programme;
  • Providing bikes in the departments and research units for staff business trips;
  • Various interventions by the "1terreaction" association during spring and autumn who offers free diagnosis and repairs for bikes. Five new days are already planned in September and October 2023. You can discover details about this action on the dedicated page.


Stand Atelier vélo du 31 mars 2022


With already more than 400 secured bike parking spaces in the form of shelters and racks, the UO will be equipped with 100 additional spaces in 2022.

Financial aids are also planned for staff members with the implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Package to encourage the use of bikes and car sharing for commutes. Aids regarding public transport subscriptions also help promoting their use rather than cars. 

All these actions are in line with a greater plan where cities welcoming one of the University campuses encourage the use of sustainable transport, like with the bike path networks of the Orleans Metropolis, Bourges and Chartres