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Sophrology Workshop

Group classes help discovering sophrology and its numerous techniques in a friendly and agreeable environment.

As sessions go by, you will learn how to breathe better, relax, stimulate your energy, release your tensions, refocus, and to globally feel more serene to follow your university courses.

Stress and emotions management: getting rid of tensions, establishing calm, taking a step back, going into “cool” mode, energising oneself…

Confidence and self-esteem: boosting your confidence, seeing yourself in a positive light, expressing your success… 

Free sophrology workshops are offered on the Orléans and Bourges campuses. 

Registrations are mandatory and can be made via:
The registration form and sessions calendar: Orléans, Bourges

By phone at: 02 38 41 71 79 (for Orléans) // 02 48 23 80 83 (for Bourges)

Promoting Physical Activity and Sports with the SUAPS

Dance Classes in Orléans

The University Health Service (SSU) offers Zumba, Hip-hop, Street Dance classes for free on Thursday from 6pm to 7pm with Apolline (dance teacher) in the dance room of the STAPS building. The dance level wil be adapted to the level of the participants.

Registration is mandatory: by phone at 02 38 41 71 79 or by email at 

Socio-aesthetics Workshop and Consultation

Socio-aesthetics workshops and consultations allow you to take time for yourself. The listening and treatments offered help you to relax, reduce stress and enhance your self-image, and like so boosting your self-esteem.

Consultations are individual, they last 30 minutes and include a facial treatment. 

Workshops are collective (5 to 8 people), they last 1 hour and include either a facial treatment, a hand treatment, a preparation of "homemade" products or guidance on the choice of colour for your clothes (colorimetry).

Orléans campus:

Workshops and consultations take place between 12pm and 2:30pm.

A registration is mandatory with the SSU secretary: