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An Outstanding Campus

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The wooded campus of Orléans, spanning about a hundred hectares, is located 100km from Paris, in the capital of the Centre-Val de Loire region, at the heart of the Val de Loire, a territory listed in the UNESCO's World Heritage and famous for its castles.

The University of Orléans has also developed in other sites of the region with the installation of the university centres of Bourges, Chartres, Châteauroux, Issoudun, Blois and Tours-Fondettes.

Every year its international focus gets stronger. Its capacity for innovation is reflected in the dynamism of the research it leads and in the technology transfers to regional, national and international companies.

The wide range of study programmes offered by the University, which includes many vocational courses, is developed with a strong connection with Research. Thanks to arrangements to receive and help students and adults alike with their vocational integration, the University of Orléans is a key actor in territorial development.

Campus de l'Université d'Orléans