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Orléans Digital Graduate School “GSON”

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The Orléans Digital Graduate School (GSON) offers a wide range of complementary trainings in the field of data sciences for Master and Doctorate students. It was opened in 2017 thanks to the support of the Orléans Metropolis.

What Is GSON?

The Orléans Digital Graduate School (GSON) opened in October 2017 thanks to the support of the Orléans Metropolis.
It offers complementary training in the field of data sciences for Master’s degree and Doctorate students.

Students registered in this programme can qualify for a University Diploma awarded by the University of Orléans.

Being a data scientist means knowing how to work in a multidisciplinary team mathematics / computer science / field of application.

etre data scientist = au centre des maths / info / domaine d'application


About GSON Modules:

GSON offers about 20 modules (the number can vary depending on the year).

You can find a presentation (in French) below to give you an idea of their content, their organisation and the prerequisites needed to register:

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If you want to register, you can visit the GSON’s CELENE page for registrations.

Registration Dates:

Registrations for the 1st semester (Tuesday 4-7pm): registrations open at the end of August

Registrations for the 2nd semester (from 9 to 13 January 2023): registrations open in September


How Does GSON Work?

The GSON programme is for the students of 15 Masters of the University of Orléans related to data sciences and for all doctoral students.

To obtain a GSON University Diploma (DU), you must:

  1. Follow at least two modules (it is not possible to follow a module whose theme is already present in your formal education);
  2. Attend these modules with diligence (absences will have to be justified);
  3. Obtain an average of at least 10 for your 2 best GSON modules;
  4. Follow a specific internship or an internship integrated to your formal education (cf. CELENE website sections on internships);
  5. Validate your Master’s degree.



If you have any questions, please contact us via email at

To be informed of all news, registration and seminar dates: register to the mailing list!

The GSON Team

Head of the project: Ioan Todinca

Educational Officer: Gautier Laurent

Administrative Officer: Emmanuelle Olivi

Click here to see the detailed list of the GSON educational team and jury.

A Few Additional Information

► Download the GSON University Diploma application file below (September 2018)

DU_GSON.pdf486.44 KB


► Download the newspaper article by La République du Centre on GSON entitled “The Graduate School will train 260 students to data sciences” (November 2019)

REP_0.pdf158.39 KB


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