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Repair Your Bike for Free!

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As of 8 September 2023, the University of Orléans offers its students who wish to get back on their bicycles to repair them for free.

If your bike tires are flat, your gears do not shift or you cannot apply the brakes, and you still want to get back on track, it is time to act!

In 2023, the UO offers once again to help you get back in the saddle and offers already 5 new dates starting at the beginning of the school year in September: 

Visuel de l'opération de réparation des vélos des étudiants

Come and meet us with your bike every Thursday from 21 September to 19 October included, between 12pm and 2:30pm at the Parc Floral tramway station, near the Science lecture halls.

The 1terre-action will gladly take care of the small repairs that will help you ride smoothly when the fine weather returns. 

This service is reserved for students registered at the UO. Do not forget to bring your bike and your student card!


Since 2021, the UO offered 15 meetings that were all a great success!

Every Thursday between 12am and 3pm, the 1terre-action Association would offer a diagnosis and free repairs for bikes during workshops.

Each workshop has taken place in a different area to move around the whole Orléans campus. 



See you soon!