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Joining the University of Orléans: a 4-step procedure adapted to your profile.

  • Step 1: Choose your training course
  • Step 2: Admission and/or application ​​​​​​​​​: This step ensures that all the conditions required to access the requested training are fulfilled.
  • Step 3: Administrative registration: This step allows us to retrieve your administrative data. It results in the payment of registration fees and the issuance of your student card. It is only possible once the admission has been validated.

Data authorisation certificate: In accordance with the French Law on Data Protection, the university must obtain your consent for the use of your data. It must tell you the purpose of collecting your data, how it will be used and what rights you have. Below is the data authorisation form, which must be completed before submitting it online on PJweb.

Course form to be filled out and submitted online on PJweb.​​​


  • Step 4: Course registration: This step consists of your registration for the exams. It allows you to choose your routes and courses. It is a prerequisite for your assignment in seminar groups.

Caution: There are 2 periods of course registration, one at the beginning of each semester, so be sure not to miss the dates!