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CPGE Students

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Students registered in CPGE

If you are registering in the 1st year of CPGE (preparatory class for the Grandes Écoles) you must also register at the University of Orléans between 2 September and 15 October 2022. To this end, a first CPGE registration file must be obtained from the CPGE registrar's office of your school.

This dual enrolment system, imposed by the Law on Higher Education and Research of July 2013, is based on mutual recognition of student learning.


It therefore allows students in CPGE to:

  • Access during the CPGE course a wide range of possible gateways while keeping the benefit of the lessons followed in CPGE;

  • Obtain a higher education diploma through equivalence and the possibility to access university courses.



 To learn more about the opportunities offered by the UO at the end of the first and second years of CPGE, you can check the partnership agreement with high schools (in French) below.