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High-school Students

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You wish to become a student at the University of Orléans? Here you will find all the registration procedures and the registration calendar.

The registration in the 1st year of a Bachelor’s Degree and of a B.U.T. (Bachelor of Technology) for new high school graduates that fall under the Parcoursup procedure is completely dematerialised1 and allows uploading attached documents online. Non-EU students are not involved in the online registration process (see details at the bottom of the page).

Please note: Registrations close from 20 July at noon to 21 August included and reopen from 22 August at 9am up to 2 September.

The registration deadline for students accepted in complementary phase is set on 25 September: after 2 September, registration will take place on site (directly in your registrar's office) or via email (registration file attached below to be downloaded and submitted to the appropriate registrar's office – see contact emails here).


To undertake your administrative registration, you must follow the procedure below:


Students in Full-time Education

  1. Starting on 1 June, and before any administrative registration at the University, please connect to the CROUS website to pay the student-life and campus contribution (CVEC) of 95€2 off. The CVEC payment must be done prior to any registration.
  2. From 5 June 2022 and 7 June 2022 for a registration at the Orléans IUT (after the publication of baccalaureate admissions results), you can register online* via the IA primo app and pay the tuition fees. Online payment is only possible with a debit card. Make sure you have your baccalaureate notification or transcript of grades, since your national identifying number (INE or BEA) will be required to register online. You can check your registration and edit your registration summary at any time.
  3. Once your administrative registration is complete, connect on the PJWeb app to submit the supporting documents mentioned in your registration file. Your login details are your student number that you will find on your registration summary and your birth date.
  4. Activate your digital working environment (ENT) to benefit from the various online services of the University and to download your education certificate as soon as the registrar's office has validated your supporting documents.


Students in Apprenticeship

You must contact the apprentice-training centre (CFA) before your registration, then follow the 4 steps detailed above.

Caution: If you are asked to pay the tuition fees at the end of your online registration, please contact the helpline of your registrar's office (find the contact details here).


A second registration period is planned from 22 August to 2 September for high-school students who confirmed their training choice after 15 July.

High-school students involved in the complementary phase can register until 25 September directly in the University departments.

The complementary procedure on Parcoursup for the University of Orléans does not apply to all training courses: please inquire directly in the appropriate University department.


If you encounter difficulties, a helpline is available until 2 September in each department.


You can contact your registrar's office here.

If you cannot contact the registration service of your registrar's office, you can contact:


You can find the various calendars for the beginning of the university year 2022-2023 and back-to-school meetings in Orléans on each department’s website and/or on the ENT.


1 The following types of students are not involved in online registration:
• Interns on continuing education;
• Students who benefit from an exchange program.


IMPORTANT: since September 2018

2 Implementation of a student-life and campus contribution (CVEC) of 95€ designed to favour the welcome, the social, sanitary, cultural and sportive support of students and to strengthen the preventive and educational actions for student health. This contribution is to be payed to the CROUS as of 1 May here before any online registration.
If you benefit from a scholarship, you are automatically exempt from the CVEC but you still have to connect on the CROUS website to obtain an exemption certificate.
Other exemption situations can be seen on the CROUS website.
The CVEC is due only once a university year even if you are registered to several training courses or in several establishments. 

• The annual student social security contribution is cancelled. Students will no longer change their health insurance scheme. You will stay affiliated (usually to your parents’ scheme) without having to undertake any procedure. 


Non-EU Students

Non-EU Students

Students registered in remotes sites (Bourges, Chartres, Châteauroux, Issoudun) must download the registration file below and submit it via email at the appropriate registrar's office (list of registrar's offices here). They will have to go to the registrar's office as soon as they arrive to finalize their registration (payment, additional information).

Students registered in the Orléans site also register via email but they must go to the single desk as of 24 August from 9am to 4:30pm until 16 September 2022.

Single desk address: Science Halls, rue de Amand, 45100 Orléans

To prepare your registration, if you already have a visa, you can: 

  • Create an account on the Move’on app;
  • Complete the online form and submit the registration file available below with the appropriate supporting documents;

The single desk will check the completeness of your file before your registration.

  • After the validation of your supporting documents and the payment of your tuition fees, you must activate your digital work environment (ENT) to download your education certificate and obtain all the useful pieces of information on how to organize your studies.