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Students from the UO

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 You already are a student at the University of Orléans? Here you will find the steps to procede to your re-registration.

University Year 2023-2024

How to re-register at the University of Orléans?

If you have received an authorization of registration after an application on eCandidat or on Mon Master, you must not wait for your results to register in a Professional Degree or in a Master's degree.

Your registration will be complete once you have submitted uyour certificate of achievement (Bac+2 or Bachelor's degree) within the PJWeb app. 

Please note: Registrations close from 20 July at 12am to 22 August included and reopen on 23 August at 9am until 1 September (except for 2nd years of Master’s degrees and doctorates)


Students registered in 2022-2023

Re-registrations are online only

From 23 June to 1 September: access the remote re-registration service

If, after logging in, you encounter an error message saying “You have been disconnected due to a technical issue”, please try to log in again. We will try our best to resolve the issue quickly.

You can check your 2023-2024 registration and edit your registration summary at any time.

Students not registered in 2022-2023 but who were once registered at the UO

If you have already been registered at the University and you encounter an error message saying your former registration is too old, please contact the central registrar's office.

The online registration service may not be possible. If so, you will have to download the registration file below and submit it, with the supporting documents, by email at the registrar's office of your training place. You can check each registrar's offices’ contact details here.

Once the registrar's office validates your registration, you will have to submit the requested supporting documents on the PJWeb app.

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    If you encounter difficulties, the helpline is open from 23 June to 20 July and from 23 August to 1 September 2022:


    Important information:

    The online payment of tuition fees is possible only by debit card via a safe payment website.


    Failed, AJAC (Failed but Authorized to Continue Studying) or ADMS (Admitted Subject to Internship Validation) students after the 1st exam session will only be able to access the re-registration server after having obtained their final results during the 2nd exam session. 


    • The student-life and campus contribution (CVEC) of 100€ is designed to favour the reception as well as the social, sanitary, cultural and sportive support of students and to strengthen the preventive and educational actions for student health. This contribution is to be payed to the CROUS as of 1 May here before any online registration.

      If you benefit from a scholarship, you are automatically exempt from the CVEC but you still have to connect on the CROUS website to obtain an exemption certificate.

      Other exemption situations can be seen on the CROUS website. The CVEC is due only once a university year even if you are registered to several training courses or in several institutions.


    Remote registration does not apply to students benefitting from an exchange program.