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The main principles


  • A single submission of application files for the applicants, who will no longer be confronted to a multitude of recruitment processes from one institution to the other (even though each training course may require additional documents and information);
  • The implementation of a single national schedule;
  • The optimisation of the allocation of places in Master’s before summer holidays;
  • A greater efficiency of the chief education officer referral system for the regional education authority, thanks to a better knowledge of the number of vacant places, and to the fact that institutions will have a visibility, way before the beginning of the university year, on the number of applicants who are really registered.


Which training courses are concerned?

All of the national Masters’ degrees awarded by universities are concerned, except for:

  • Trainings taught exclusively for continuing education audiences;
  • Trainings with an international purpose that will be able to choose to be present on the platform and/or to keep their own application channels. This includes trainings "where at least 50% of the teaching is in foreign languages (excluding language masters) OR courses receiving 50% international applicants".

Which applicants are concerned? 

  • Applicants who own (or are currently preparing) a national bachelor’s degree or an equivalent, European students and students who come from countries that are not covered by the Etudes en France system can access the application platform.

    The following are not concerned:

  • Non-European applicants whose country of residence is covered by the Etudes en France system;
  • Students allowed to repeat a year within the same training course;
  • Applicants for the admission through a VAPP (Accreditation of Prior Professional and Personal Learning) or a VAE (Accreditation of Prior Learning);
  • Students with a reserved access in 1st year of master’s degree (M1), for instance Engineering Masters.



From 21 February to 16 March 2023

Institutions set the parameters for their course offerings on the platform. Applicants can consult the national master's offer ( from 1 February.

From 22 March to 18 April 2023

Application period

From 24 April to 16 June 2023

Institutions review the applications

From 23 June to 21 July 2023

Admission period (applicants receive their admission offers and answer them)

From 24 April 2023 to 30 September 2023

Examination of applications and admission period for work-study training programmes

Starting no later than 12 July 2023


Until 20 July


Until 24 August

Administrative registration period


For applicants admitted in main phase (with notification of non-registrants on 21 July)

For applicants admitted during the summer (with notification of non-registrants on 25 August)



From the end of June to the end of October    

Period for the referral of the local chief education officer 

From 22 July to 31 August    

Withdrawals management period that will allow institutions to redistribute the last vacant places

Caution, there is no additional procedure: stduents will not be able to apply again via the platform if they are not admitted during the main phase. They will have to go through the referral procedure of the local chief education officer. 


How to apply?

Students will need to register on the application platform. They will have to answer a number of questions in order to check if they are eligible for this platform. Once registered, they will need to fill in:

  • Their personal information (name, surname, nationality…);
  • Their contact details;
  • Their resume (mandatory);
  • Their post-graduation curriculum;
  • Their transcript of grades (at least the last 5 semesters);
  • Students who are not from a French university will have to provide their transcript of grades translated into French, showing the ECTS acquired;
  • Their internships;
  • Their professional experience;
  • If they are a high-level athlete;
  • If they are an experienced artist;
  • Their disability situation declaration (optional);
  • Their scholarship notification;
  • If they are considering a gap year.

Once registered on the platform, students will be able to browse through it the Master’s degree offer in French universities. From, on each page specific to a Master’s degree, an “apply” button will be available. They will simly need to click on that button to apply to a Master’s. 

Students can inquire additional information on the training courses.

Finally, the applicant may need to fill in additional information.

On 23 June (for master’s degrees in full-time education), applicants will be notified of their admission offers. They will face 3 possible answers: yes, on waiting list, no.

Applicants will then have 3 days to respond to the offers they were given. In case of no response, they will be deemed to have resigned from the platform.

Referrals will be possible:

  • At the end of June, for students without any offer;
  • From 22 July, for students without any offer and appearing on waiting lists.