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Covid-19 Self-tests

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Last updated 8 September 2023

A Covid-19 self-test is an antigenic test that can be taken and read on its own, according to the instructions provided by a professional and after reading the conditions of use and the "user guide" provided at the time of purchase. The result is determined in fifteen to twenty minutes, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Guide to using the self-test


When to get tested or self-tested?


If your self-test is positive, you should:

  • Wear a mask whn around other people, start remote-working if possible or take a sick leave if your health status does not allow you to work;
  • Tell anyone you have met with during the last 48 hours before your test or before the appearance of clinical symptoms;
  • Confirm the self-test by carrying out a PCR in a laboratory by making an appointment as soon as possible (the variant search test will be carried out at the same time).


If your self-test is negative:

  • Continue to apply the protective measures, the correct wearing of the mask, the physical distancing.