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Coworking Spaces for Students

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The #CoworkingCVL and Canopé networks support students in the Centre Val de Loire region!

Many students in the Centre Val de Loire region are currently in a difficult situation. Apart from food, financial and social difficulties linked to the health crisis, classes, which are mostly remote since last November, create a strong feeling of isolation as well as a loss a motivation for more and more students.

This situation concerns particularly students living outside of the cities of Orléans and Tours, who thus do not have the opportunity to go to university libraries or to attend the few classes that have resumed on site. 

The Coworking CVL and Canopé Centre networks offer to welcome, for free or for a small fee, these students in coworking spaces all over the region, by providing them with a shared working environment adapted to their needs and that respects the current protective health measures. The aim is to allow them to step out of their isolation and their connection difficulties. 


You will find more information on those spaces and their welcoming conditions using the interactive map below or directly on the map website.