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Compitalio: Anti-Plagiarism

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To verify the quality of your documentary research, you can test your work to certify your bibliographic sources.

Why Use A Bibliographic Tool?

When submitting your work to your teachers, this tool helps you check that you have correctly cited your sources. First, a few points to respect when you are using and quoting documents:

  • Cite the authors correctly;
  • Place your quotation marks in a consistent manner;
  • Rephrase wisely texts that you did not write;
  • Write you bibliography as you go along your essay.

You can use the following websites to help you:

How Does Compilatio Work?

When arriving at the University, a Compilatio account is available in your name with 4 analysis credits. You have to activate your account before using your credits. A credit is the unit required to analyse about 5 000 words, that is to say approximately 15 pages: keep these credits to analyse important documents!

You can also list your unreferenced copy and pastes, compare them with their likely sources on the web and cite them in your bibliography

Please note that your account is strictly private and confidential; all documents uploaded on your account is protected by the Computer and Freedom law n°78-17.

  • This account is your own: do not share your login details to a third party. reserves the right to delete your account if you do so. 
  • This account is confidential: no third party can/must have access to the content of your interface.


Your teachers will also use Compilatio when submitting your work on the CELENE platform. An analysis report of sources is automatically sent to the teacher for each submitted essay.