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PIX allows you to certify the digital skills required to master information and communication technologies. 
It replaces the internet and computer certificate (C2i®) and helps you develop, strengthen, validate and certify your skills regarding the mastery of information and communication technologies. 

Measuring Your Skills

The PIX certification is built on an online platform available 24/7 and allows you to certify your digital skills as well as to obtain a skill profile associated to an overall score by carrying out activities with innovative assessment methods. The measuring of your skills is done through activities carried out in a real digital environment: interactions, file manipulations, problem solving, creative productions, peer assessments, etc… on 8 levels and within 5 fields:

  • Information and data;
  • Communication and collaboration;
  • Content creation;
  • Protection and security;
  • Digital environment.

The online tests assess your knowledge as well as your expertise and your capacity to identify digital challenges. If you have made progress, you can come back to the PIX website to develop your profile.

Valuing Your Skills

PIX offers a “certifying” mode which allows you to obtain an official, reliable certification recognised by the National Education, the Higher Education and the professional world (on your resume), including at a European level. This additional test requires an on-site exam in an IT room under examination conditions at the university. The PIX grade is attributed to the student after deliberation of a national jury. The certificate is digital.