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Projet Voltaire: Spelling and Grammar

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The Projet Voltaire offers individualised remedial work in spelling to all students who wish to improve their French skills.

The professional world requires a certain level of spelling, which could be detrimental to you if not achieved. Written content concerns all professional sectors nowadays and can be found everywhere: emails, professional chats, reports, social networks… Companies are aware of this fact and are more and more cautious about their applicants’ spelling.

The University offers self-paced, online training thanks to a personalised programme.

To access the Projet Voltaire, please contact your College POC:

Your College Your POC
DEG : Orléans, Bourges, Chartres, Châteauroux. Aurélien Baron
Marion Chenevier
INSPE Pascale Begue 
Bourges IUT Fabienne Vidal : GEA
Eliette Mary : QLIO / Civil Engineering / GMP
Jean-Pierre Martin : Physics Measuring
Chartres IUT (DLG /GIM) Fabrice Lebian
Orléans IUT Natalie Syriani
LLSH Annie Baccon (Orléans)
Jean-Louis Laubry (Châteauroux)
OSUC Catherine Giffault
Polytech Franck Bellucci
EUK Amandine Pierru Chantenay
Erwan Leguennec
COST Sciences Valérie Altemayer
Fabienne Brulé Morabito
COST STAPS Karine Paret
If you do not have a POC or you have another inquiry


The Projet Voltaire also offers a certificate: after a face-to-face exam, you will receive a spelling level certificate with a score that you will be able to show on your resume. 

What Are the Issues Studied In the Projet Voltaire?

The mistakes you will be able to discover during your training include:

  • More than 50% of grammatical issues (with specific points on conjugation);
  • 25% of semantic or lexical semantic issues (e.g. “décade” or “décennie”? “censé” or “sensé”? “raisonner” or “résonner” ?)
  • 10% of lexical issues and a few syntax issues.

How Long Does the Refresher Course Last?

  • The online refresher course adapts automatically to your own starting level  and to your studying pace after a placement test;
  • This is not a standard programme with a set duration, but a completely personalised tool;
  • Its duration varies from one to another. According to your field of study, a teacher can accompany you in your training.