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Discover the Resource Centre and the exhibitions with our partner Centre Sciences. 

Since its creation in 1990 as Centre for Scientific, Technoloical and Industrial Culture, the team of Centre Sciences, partner of the House for Science in Centre-Val de Loire, creates and distributes interactive tools and scientific exhibitions available for regional actors: researchers, teachers, actors of informal education and cultural actors. With the activities of the Maison pour la science, you can discover the tools specially designed for training as well as exhibitions illustrating the themes covered.



The Resource Centre for Science and Technology Teaching (Centre Ressources pour L'Enseignement des Sciences et de la Technologie) of the House for Science, CRESTE-MPLS located on the University of Orléans' campus enables primary-school teachers to borrow briefcases to do science in class.   


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Within the ESPE site of Blois, the pilot centre "La main à la pâte" of Blois-Loir-et-Cher enables primary-school teachers to borrow briefcases to do science in class. Classes are also received within the pilot centre.

Inauguration du Centre pilote la main à la pâte de Blois