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ATHENA - Roundtable "Women in Leadership"

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To celebrate International Women's Day, ATHENA launched an online Round Table "Women in Leadership"

According to the European Strategy for Universities, a persisten gender gap remains in some fields of study and research and in decision – making positions at universities. Gender balance clearly decreases with seniority among heads of higher education institutions where women hold slightly below of the 24% of these positions in EU27.  

Persistent gender bias too often disrupts the learning process at the heart of becoming a leader.  Organisations inadvertently undermine this process when they advise women to proactively seek leadership roles without also addressing policies and practices that communicate a mismatch between how women are seen and the qualities and experiences people tend to associate with leaders. Traditional high-potential, mentoring, and leadership education programs are necessary but insufficient. 

The ATHENA European university is organising an online round table discussion with females in top scientific or leadership positions to celebrate women’s day on 8 March (at 16.00 CET). We would discuss women’s career challenges and possible strategies to overcome them.