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2 Days of European Exchanges in Orléans

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In the current context, the University of Orléans affirms more than ever its attachment to the European values that universities have the mission to transmit to future generations: democratic debate, freedom of expression, critical thinking, dialogue, tolerance and transparency.


On February 28 and Tuesday, March 1, the University of Orléans welcomed delegations from its six partner universities in the European alliance ATHENA. For two days, university presidents and vice-presidents, professors and students from Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia and Portugal participated in a program of working meetings and visits, together with their counterparts at the University of Orléans.


One of the highlights of this European meeting in Orléans was the round table discussion on the European Universities initiative that took place on Monday, February 28, at the Centre international universitaire de la recherche / Hôtel Dupanloup, in the presence of many academics and local personalities.


In this event under the label "French Presidency of the European Union", representatives of the European Commission, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the European University Association, the Franco-German University and other high-level participants discussed the role that European, national and regional authorities play in supporting institutions that, like the University of Orléans, are committed to building transnational campuses that will be places of educational innovation and research excellence.


Supported by decision-makers, thanks to the efforts made by each institution and the inventiveness of the transnational teams that carry out the alliances on a daily basis, the European Universities initiative will enable institutions to achieve an unprecedented level of cooperation at all levels of organization and in all areas of activity: programs, research and innovation. European Universities like ATHENA and the other 40 pilot projects selected by the European Commission will eventually offer their students new internationalized study programs, in order to train the European citizens of the future, comfortable living and working in several countries and in several European languages.



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This event is part of the programme of the French Presidency of the European Union and is supported by the French embassies in Germany, Slovenia and Portugal.


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