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ATHENA - World IP Day

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On 21 April 2023, ATHENA is organising an online event called "Intellectual property in an innovation ecosystem - why is it important?".

At 10h00, on 21 Avril 2023, you will get to attend to an online event organised by ATHENA and Enterprise Europe Network named "Intellectual property in an innovation ecosystem - why is it important?".

Moderated online event will be held in English with a keynote speech and a round table, featuring selected panelists.

The event is relevant for SMEs, industry and project partners, researchers, startup community, senior master students, PhD students, postdoc students, alumni, general public.


Schedule of the event:

  • 10h00-10h05 : Greetings and Introduction (Prof. Dr. Dean Korošak, Vice Président at University of Maribor)
  • 10h05-10h25 : An industry perspective: TBA (Jakob Sadar, OPS d.d.)
  • 10h25-10h45 : Keynote speech: “Thinking Innovation – is – Thinking IP” (Dr Eugene Sweeney, Iambic Innovation - European IP Helpdesk)
  • 10h45-11h40 : Round table discussion with Q&A: IP and its role in the innovation ecosystem (Michele Dubbini, Dr Eugene Sweeney, Ms Nina Smerdu, Prof. Dr. József Györkös, Vilma Puriene) 
  • 11h40-11h45 : Closing remarks (Dr. Tina Mesarič)


To receive the link, please register here

ATHENA World IP Day 2023