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Annual meeting of ATHENA rectors took place in Siegen, Germany

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From 20th to 22nd September.

The annual meeting of the Advanced Technology Higher Education Network Alliance (ATHENA) rectors took place at the University of Siegen, on 20-22nd of September, 2023, where the Executive Board and Steering Committee members discussed the future of ATHENA, the sustainability of the alliance activities, and the results achieved so far.

The meeting brought together the rectors from all the ATHENA European University alliance member universities. Executive Board and Steering Committee meetings took place during the visit in order to work on ATHENA's vision and strategic goals for the upcoming phase.

ATHENA continues to pursue its mission towards further developing the European University initiative. ATHENA Executive Board is committed to continuing the joint action.

“We believe that ATHENA will become a vibrant international university that inspires local communities and delivers significant added value to the ambitious developments of the European Higher Education and Research Area and the digital transformation of society in general. We share a joint vision, and we have a dedicated executive team and fully engaged communities to succeed together”, says Prof. Nuno Escudeiro, ATHENA European University alliance coordinator.

Photo de groupe de la réunion annuelle ATHENA à Siegen