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ATHENA Career Talks

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Developing your soft skills in employability is now an easy task!

In the frame of ATHENA Soft Skills Academy 2023, some proposed lectures focus on soft skills specifically linked to career, hence "ATHENA Career Talks". 

Here is the list of the lectures in English having taken place so far this year (this list will be updated along the way):

The use of Soft Skills to Avoid Mobbing (Dr George Triantafyllou, HMU, Greece)


Healthy Boundaries and Assertive Communication (Susan Gagliano, ETA, Italy)

Intercultural Communication (Milou Kauffman, FONTYS, Pays-Bas)

Employability Skills & You (Dr Elena Mizrachi, TECHNION, Israel)


Communication in International Teams and Career Management (Dr Agnieszka Zielinska, ATH, Poland & Dr Maria Joao Raposos, IPP, Portugal)