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ATHENA - UO in Porto

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A degelation from the University of Orleans went to Porto for an ATHENA work meeting.

The fifth ATHENA  meeting took place in Porto, Portugal from 3rd to 6 th of October, 2022. Organized by our partner the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, this event aimed at presenting ATHENA's current standing as well as preparing the renewal application of the alliance.

During the three-day meeting, the 9 working groups met and made notable progress on the common courses that will soon be offered, on the promotion of mobility (physical, hybrid and virtual) to our students and the development of ties with companies.


Sept personnes sont présentes sur cette photo. Il s'agit d'une délégation de l'université d'Orléans.


A Memorandum of Understanding between ATHENA and RuFORUM, a consortium of 147 African universities was signed. 

RuFORUM’s mission is to strengthen the capacities of universities to foster innovations responsive to the demands of small-holder farmers through the training of high-quality researchers, the output of impact-oriented research, and the maintenance of collaborative working relations among researchers, farmers, national agricultural research institutions, and governments.