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Orléans Grand Campus

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In the south of the Métropole Orléanaise, Orléans Grand Campus gathers the actors of academic research in a unique place of several hundred hectares with the aim of better identifying and promoting the presence, for almost half a century, of the research laboratories of the BRGM, the CNRS, the Inra and the Univsersity of Orléans all nearby the Centre Hospitalier Régional (of which the services have been gathered on La Source site, in new premises, since 2015), who came to add to this set of new collaboration in the area of healthcare.
Nowadays, it is with an increased scientific ambition and a will to build even stronger collaborations that the Orléans scientific community wishes to develop the concept of Orléans Grand Campus, a collaboration space dedicated to scientific innovation organised around five crucial themes:

  •  Earth & Space,
  •  Energy & Materials,
  •  Life & Healthcare,
  •  Humanities & Society,
  •  Digital & Data.

This group aims to create in the Metropolis a privileged space of scientific exchange between the academic world and all the economic actors on a regional, national and international scale.

Orléans Grand Campus is a token of the scientific dynamic which fuels the territory of Orléans and of the Communauté d'Universités et d'Etablissements Centre-Val de Loire.


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