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ATHENA Erasmus+ Days

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From 9th to 13th october 2023, let's discuss all things internationalisation!

For the Erasmus Days 2023, our ATHENA partner, the Hellenic Mediterranean University, is organising a series of roundtables to exchange on topics linked to internationalisation in higher education. Several experts from ATHENA and all over Europe will be present to give their opinions on the various subjects matters. 

Erasmus @ Africa

  • When: 9th october 2023, at 10h00
  • How: register here
  • Who
    • Professor Nuno Escudeiro, Polytechnic Institute do Porto, Portugal
    • Mr. Dirk Van Merode, AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Belgium
    • Ass. Professor Giorgos Kritsotakis, Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece
    • Professor Geoffrey Andogah, Muni University, Uganda, Africa
    • Asc. Professor George Fouskitakis, Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece
    • Eng. Godfrey Luwemba, Ardhi University, Tanzania
    • Dr. Sokona Dagnoko, Head of Partnerships at RUFORUM
    • Raymond Tumwesigye, Lira University, Uganda
  • What: In essence, while Erasmus is often celebrated for its contributions to European integration, its impact in Africa stands as a testament to the program’s potential for global outreach, fostering international collaboration, and building bridges between diverse communities. The ATHENA European University, in conjunction with the Hellenic Mediterranean University, cordially invites esteemed participants to a round table discussion dedicated to a topic of paramount importance. During this assembly, distinguished panelists from both Europe and Africa will deliberate on several pivotal themes:
    a) Past collaborations with African academic institutions;
    b) Anticipations and hurdles encountered from both sides;
    c) The specific requirements of our African counterparts; and
    d) Suggestions for future collaboration initiatives and topical areas of focus.

Internationalisation of Higher Education for Students

  • When: 10ht october 2023, at 10h00
  • How: register here
  • Who
    • Georgios Psaltakis – ESN ATHENA President
    • Iason Kartalos, Undergraduate Student of Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
    • Rita Dias. President ESN International
    • Katerina Antonakou – President ESN Greece
    • Tanguy Guibert – Vice-president ESU (European Student Union)
  • What: Higher Education Internationalization (HEI) refers to integrating an international, intercultural, or global dimension into higher education’s purpose, functions, and delivery. Some students’ perspectives on the impact of internationalization include the following:
    • It is a great opportunity to be introduced to a different culture.
    • To practice a foreign language.
    • To enrich their course curriculum.
    • To develop key soft skills for their employability.

Internationalisation of Higher Education for Academics

  • When: 11th october 2023, at 10h00
  • How: register here
  • Who
    • Professor, Aikaterini Kampasi, Vice Rector, Ionian University, Greece
    • Emeritus Professor, Ioannis Kaliakatsos, Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece
  • What: The Internationalization of Higher Education can be defined as a pivotal strategy adopted by academic institutions in order to holistically address their three core mandates: pedagogy, scholarly research, and innovation-driven progress. The term ‘internationalization’ encompasses both global and intercultural dimensions, and these elements must be deeply embedded within the institutional ethos to materialize the vision of internationalization truly. To elucidate institutional stances on the subject of higher education’s internationalization, the ATHENA European University Alliance is set to commemorate Erasmus Days 2023 by orchestrating a symposium. Esteemed panelists will convene to delineate their experiential insights, challenges faced, and strategic recommendations for university administrations on amplifying support for internationalization endeavors.

The impact of European Universities

  • When: 12th october 2023, at 10h00
  • How: register here
  • Who
    • Professor Dimitrios Karadimas, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, CIVIS University Alliance
    • Professor Joszef Gyorkos, University of Maribor, Slovenia, ATHENA University Alliance
    • Dr. Toby Erik Wikström, University of Iceland, Iceland, Aurora European University Alliance
    • Mr. Peter van der Hijden, Educational Consultant, Netherlands
    • Georgios Psaltakis – ESN ATHENA President, HMU, Greece
  • What: TBD

The impact of AI on Higher Education 

  • When: 13th october 2023, at 10h00
  • How: register here
  • Who
    • Dr. Yannis Kotsanis, Head of the R&D Department at Doukas School (K-12), Greece
    • Dr. Elena Mizrahi, Virtual Exchange Center, Technion and Western Galilee College, Israel
    • Dr. Stella Giudice, Fontys Pulsed Academy, Netherlands
    • Dr. Nava Shaked, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel
    • Dr. Alexia Mary Tzortzaki, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
  • What: Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into the educational realm has ignited a debate on its possible advantages and limitations. The positives encompass tailored and streamlined learning paths and broader access to data. Conversely, there could be issues related to data privacy, ethical dilemmas, and the risk of AI perpetuating pre-existing biases. Given the complex issues surrounding AI in education, it is crucial to carefully weigh these benefits and challenges to make informed decisions, for instance, about incorporating ChatGPT into the education system.The ATHENA European University Alliance, to celebrate the Erasmus Days 2023, organizes a round table discussion to reveal the impact of Artificial intelligence in Higher Education. Our panelists will discuss their experiences, challenges, and proposals to the universities’ governance on integrating AI into students’, teachers’, and administrators’ lives.


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